Advocating for Children and
Empowering Ecosystems

An IntegratED and TailorED Approach to Achieving Impact 

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Expert Consultants | Executive Coaches
Experienced Counsel

Expert Educational Consultants

Our consultants and coaches have served as school and district-level leaders, nonprofit founders and directors, content and curriculum specialists.  We are strategic, thought-partners dedicated to improving performance, policies and practices in the spaces that impact children.   

We partner with mission-driven organizations on a variety of projects, ranging from: 
  • charter school application & renewal evaluations 
  • policy & practice audits; 
  • emerging leadership coaching & development
  • board evaluation & development 
  • stakeholder engagement solutions: Focus Groups, Empathy Interviews, and Surveys

Experienced Legal Representation

We are problem solvers:  experienced litigators and trained mediators, committed to ensuring the physical, psychological, and academic needs of children are addressed and met. Our collaborative approach is child-centered and integrated to support issues in school or at home.  

We help families and organizations navigate: 

  • special education services 
  • disciplinary action hearings 
  • child custody & parental support
  • guardianship petitions & discharge 
  • abuse & neglect investigations 

We are approved and appointed by Cook County to serve as a Child Representative, Guardian ad Litem or Attorney for the Child.

elevatED extends expertise and experience to strengthen capacity of individuals and institutions shaping the lives of children.

Our Clients Are...

representing clients in a custody dispute.

seeking support to improve student outcomes.

navigating the complexities of Special Education, Discipline or Juvenile Adjudication.

seeking strategy and support to engage stakeholders.

Let's Elevate Possibilities for Children Together